Roast Leg of Lamb

1   Remove any fat from meat and put it aside.

2   Punch small holes on meat and insert slivers of garlic every couple of inches.

3   Mix salt, black pepper, and oregano.  Prepare enough to cover the meat all around.

4   Apply mixture by rubbing it with your hand all over the meat

5   Add lemon all over the meat.

6   Add about ¼ of an inch of water in pan, not over the meat for juice.

7   Place meat in a pan on top of a grate

8   Place in Oven and cook for several hours on slow heat (about 3 hours?)

Place the removed fat (number l above) in a pan, add water to cover the meat, add same mixture as above to pan.  First boil at low heat and then let it simmer for a few hours until fat is boiled out.  You use this a juice for the meat when serving.

(Submitted by Maria Pappas)