Dutch Chicken Drummettes

Oma’s Dutch Chicken Drummettes

2 Cups of Soy Sauce                          1& ¼ Cup of Oil

6 tsps. Dry Mustard                                  3 tsps. Ginger

1 & ½ tsps. Pepper                                    3 tsps. Garlic Salt

10 lbs. Of Drummettes (or mixture of drummettes & wings).  Recipe

     can be halved.

Cut tips and excess fat from Drummettes (or a mixture of drummettes

and wings) .  Marinate in the above mixture for 1 & ½ hours or overnight.

Drain (or put marinade in baking pan).

Bake at 350 degrees for about 1 & ½ hours.  (10 lbs. Serves 20 people.)

Optional:  Cover with pineapple chunks (drained) about 15 minutes

before done.

(Submitted by Maria Pappas)