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Daniel Chandler’s “In the Tradition” radio program on KHSU with Humboldt State University in California featured music from this site.  



Here are four recordings of Chereshnichani in the diaspora.


Vaneto Shkemboff (1902-1983)

The story of a Chereshnitsa villager’s life in Greece, Turkey, Australia, Canada and finally the USA and his efforts toward a better life. As recorded by himself in the village Macedonian dialect.

George Bellio’s life as a partisan (1946-1949)

1946 to 1949 was a tumultuous time for our village.  The civil war took it’s toll on many us.  This is the story of George Bellio while he served in that war as a partisan.

George Bellio – Dialects Around the Village of Chereshnitsa

This is an interview of George Bellio done in the village Macedonian dialect in January 2015.  George uses many of the village words and contrasts them to other surrounding villages.

Andon Glavcheff

This is a taped biography in the English language.  It is recorded by Andon Glavcheff of village Chereshnitsa.  Andon was born on August 15, 1889.  He talks of his life in the village and his eventual settling in the USA.  It is typical of the history of many villagers of Chereshnitsa.