Ensemble Kitka – Toledo, Ohio

Ensemble Kitka of Toledo, Ohio was founded in 1963 mainly by families from Village Chereshnitsa that wished to keep alive the beauty of their old country heritage.  They wished to pass their culture not only to their children but to the people in their community and throughout the United States and Canada.

The ensemble has traveled to many cities throughout the United States and Canada to present their repertoire.  They have won many awards including the “Best Ethnic Entertainment Award” for four consecutive years presented by the International Institute of Greater Toledo.

In a competition among 13 groups from the United States and Canada in Bulgarian dance conducted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and judged by professional dance artists and choreographers from Bulgaria, Kitka won the Bronze Medal.

Many costumes that the group uses were made in Bulgaria, others hand made by members of the group.

  1. Ensemble Kitka 1 Franciscan Life Center 1992
  2. Ensemble Kitka 2
  3. Ensemble Kitka 3
  4. Ensemble Kitka 4 1992 Festival
  5. Ensemble Kitka 5 Dobrouzha
  6. Ensemble Kitka 6 Roncevic choreography
  7. Ensemble Kitka 7 Petrunino
  8. Ensemble Kitka 8 Na Megdana
  9. Ensemble Kitka 9 2013