Village Government

Chapter 3

The village was administered by a Council (Board) headed by a mayor, vice-mayor, and a secretary. Many times the mayor also acted as the secretary.

The secretary had to be knowledgeable in the language because he signed all the legal documents required of the village council. Many times the school teacher would act as secretary because of his or her education. The secretary was the only one that received a sti- pend (salary). He or she also charged a fee for every document prepared or signed.

The members of the Village Council were elected by the villagers, though usually the races were not contested by a large number of candidates.

The nearest police station was in the village of Visheni, about one and one-half hours walk. It handled all matters of a criminal or civil nature. The Village Council did appoint a poliak (field watchman) who patrolled the fields, and meadows. He had some police powers. He could issue warrants against people who intentionally grazed their sheep or cows on someone else’s property (meadows/ livadia), or who allowed their sheep or cows to graze and damage other people’s crops (rye, corn, potatoes, etc.)


This picture was taken about 1935. (L to R): Yorgi Bellioff, Teta Dita Belliova in rear, I (Pando), my mother Dota Popova, and my sister Eleftheria Popova.


The Yoti Boshkoff family in Bulgaria. Tsana (Tarpchinova), Yoti and their three sons; Taki, Nicko, and Kouzo.


Pando Pappas, Kouzo Shimagoff, et al. (Left Click to View Original)

This picture was taken about 1930. (L to R) I (Pando Popoff [Pappas]), Kouzo Shimagoff (Simagos) holding Yorgi Bellioff, and Chris Chicovsky. (Note the kind of
shoes [pintsee] Kouzo is wearing. These type of shoes [pintsee] were standard footwear for all of us working in the field)

Class Picture

On the following page is a picture of the Chereshnitsa School Children taken at about 1936. We were able to identify some of the school children as follows:


1. Petreto Penchoff (Pentsos) 2. Tsilio Parpoff (Parpos) 3. Miteto Shamoff (Siamos) 4. Koleto Mangoff (Mangos) 5. Yoti Ristovski (Hristiadis) 6. Pando Pandoff (Nikolaidis) 7. Yoti Boshkoff (Boskos) 8. Elias Sarvanis (Teacher) 9. Lefteria Ristovska (Hristiadi) 10. Fana Shimagova (Simagou) 11. Milka Pizarkova (Pizarkou) 12. Dita Shimagova (Simagou) 13. Lena Mitova (Mitou) 14. Dineto Pliastoff (Pliastos) 15. Tsana Tarpchinova (Terptsina) 16. Tometo Ristovski (Hristiadis) 17. Staseto Dzonoff (Tzonos) 18. Kouzo Shimagoff (Simagos) 19. Maneto Pandoff (Nikolaidis) 20. Itso Baroff (Baros) 21. Ditchka Rogova (Rongou) 22. Naseto Tsinin (Sklifas) 23. Yanko Nikoff (Nikos) 24. Fana Shkembova (Skembou) 25. Dotsa Nikova (Nikou) 26. Fana Parpova (Parpou) 27. Slavka Tsinina (Sklifa) 28. Dineto Touarkoff (Theoharidis) 29. Andrea Pandoff (Nikolaidis) 30. Tometo Boshkoff (Boskos) 31. Pando Popoff (Pappas) 32. Dineto Shapoff (Bosotas) 33. Goleto Dzodzoff (Tzotsos) 34. Naseto Popoff (Pappas) 35. Koleto Shamoff (Siamos) 36. Rina Dzonova (Dzonou) 37. Fana Purpova (Parpou) 38. Tinka Popova (Pappa) 39. Yorgi Dzodzoff (Tzotzos) 40. Yorgi Bellioff (Bellios) 41. Toula Ristovska (Hristiadi) 42. Yorgi Tsinin (Sklifas) 43. Slavka Dzodzova (Tzotzou) 44. Miteto Tarpchinoff (Terptsinas) 45. Kouzo Kiranin (Giamos) 46. Yorgi Mangoff (Mangos) 47. Dinka Dzodzova (Tzotzou) 48. Lefteria Popova (Pappa) 49. Kocho Stasin (Milosis) 50. Kocho Despin (Despos) 51. Liuba Stasina (Milosi) 52. Liuba Pandova (Nikolaidi) 53. Tsveta Kirova (Kirou)



Dolnoto Selo picture taken from Lapkata in 1995. We used to have lozia (vineyards) in this area. Note the church.