A view of the village of Chereshnitsa from Blatskata Booka – 1972.

(L to R): Dedo Tsilio Popoff and my father Elia Popoff in the Grocery store they owned in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The picture was taken in 1934.



(L to R), Top: Sopha Shimagova, Tetko Gligoreto Shimagoff, Teta Dina Shimagova holding Jackie Soulioff, Dita Souliova, and my mother Dota Popova. Seating in front is Tinka Souliova. Bottom : A friend of
the family, my father Elia Popoff, Vouiko Stefo Koroloff, Tetko Gligoreto Shimagoff, and Streeko Tsilio Tarpchinoff, in Toledo, Ohio, circa 1953.


The Stoycheff (Stasin) family. (L to R): Nick Puroff the husband of Milka Stoycheva next to him,Yorgi Stoycheff, Sofa (Barova) Stoycheva, Lillian Stoycheva, and Yorgi Stoycheff Jr.


The Shimagoff and Soulioff families visiting us at Kelsey Avenue, Toledo, Ohio. (L to R): My father Elia, Sopha Shimagova, Tetko Gligoreto Shemagoff holding Tinka Souliova, Dita (Shimagova) Souliova, Yoti Soulioff, my mother Dota, and my brother John sitting, circa 1954.


At one of the Vecherinka’s (dances) in Fort Wayne, Indiana,in the church’s hall. Leading the oro (dance) is Sopha Shimagova followed by me, Teta Fana Gosheva and my mother, Dota.


The Popoff (Pappas) Family, November 1979. (L to R), Seating: My parents, Elia and Dota. Standing: My brother-in-Law (Eleftheria’s husband), Vasil Mitchell (Pappakonstantinou), my sister Eleftheria, I,
my wife Maria, my sister-in-law (John’s wife), Carole, and my brother John.


I (Pando) working nights at my father’s Main Restaurant in Toledo, Ohio, after attending classes at the University of Toledo, circa 1952. My father Elia is next to me.


Chereshnitcheni in the diaspora. (L to R), Front Row: Yorgi Stoycheff/Stasin, my father Elia, Kiro Zekoff, Petreto Penchoff, and Yorgi Bellioff. Back Row: Fana Penchova, Dimitrinka Belliova, Liopa
Zekova, Nada Belliova, and Koleto Bellioff.


I (Pando) receive my silver bars (First Lieutenant) from Brigadier General Stuart, Commander of the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, circa 1954.


I (Pando) shaking hands with President Bill Clinton at one of our meetings in 1996 in Cleveland, Ohio .


I (Pando) flanked by Vice President Al Gore and President Bill Clinton in 1997 during an East European Conference held in Washington, D.C.