Kris Angelo and Son band

This band was active for many years but never made a studio recording.  It was based in Battle Creek, Michigan and, as its name implies, included Naum (Kris) Angelo and his son Carl Angelo.  Naum played clarinet, while Carl played trumpet and fluegelhorn. Other members included Paul Novachcoff on trumpet, tenor saxophone, and clarinet, Boris Moharemoff on trumpet, fluegelhorn, and valve trombone, George Mihailoff on drums, Eddie Shupert on accordion, and Billie James on alto and tenor saxophone, and clarinet.

Naum Angelo was born in Village Barashani, near Bitola, Macedonia in 1907.  He was 13 years old when he came to the USA (circa 1920).  He died in 1992 at 86 years old.

Thanks to Carl Angelo for the information and Dr. John Pogoncheff and Bill Skimos for the recordings.

Here are some live recordings that were made in Chicago, Illinois during an MPO convention in the early 1980’s.

Naum Angelo and son band (1948)

Naum Angelo and son band (1948)

In the picture above, Naum is playing the clarinet, and Carl is playing drums.

01 Kasapiko (Bread Dance) 2_4

02 Boufsko (Ermenskoto) 5_4

03 Sirto (Greek) 7_8

04 Tsikansko (Eleno Meme) 13_16

05 Tsamiko (Greek) 3_4

06 Sirto (Greek) 7_8

06 Sirto (Greek) 7_8

08 Kasapiko (Bread Dance) 2_4