Bob Nicoloff on Marco Records

This orchestra recorded four (4) 78 rpm records.  Active during the 1940’s, the last surviving member, Bob, died on January 25, 2012.  Bob was born in Lorain, Ohio on June 15, 1923.  He served in WW2.  Bob retired in 1976 as the foreman of the boiler shop at U.S. Steel Lorain Works.  He owned and operated Nicoloff’s Food Market in Lorain from 1959 until 1974.  In the 1970’s he served as a Lorain Civil Service Commissioner.  He was ordained as a Protodeacon in the Sts. Cyril & Methodius Orthodox Church in Lorain in 2009.  Bob was a choir director for over 50 years. He wrote the lyrics and music for Makedonyo Oy Robino, which the group recorded.

The orchestra had a very lively tempo.

The personnel of the Bob Nicoloff orchestra were:

Blazhe (Bob) Nicoloff – clarinet, Mitody (Matt) Nicoloff – saxophone (Bob’s brother),Vlado (Walter) Nicoloff – drums (Bob’s brother), Alex Karuloff – trumpet (Alex was from selo German, Aegean Macedonia), Joe Zahorec – accordion (Joe later became the mayor of Lorain).

2. Kogato Bechme Malki – BN

3. Silijancica – BN

4. Gaida – BN

5. Tsiganska – BN

6. Idam Ne Idam – BN

7. Kukuneshe – BN

8. Makedonyo Oy Robino – BN