And the Angels Sing

“And the Angels Sing”

In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, I can remember going to vecherinkas in the mid-west and the Macedonian bands would sometimes start a very popular dance that we would call Narodno Oro in the normal way, but at some point would break into a jazzy version with trumpet solo that would get the crowds roused up to new heights of ecstasy.  I always enjoyed dancing to this music and always thought that it was some Macedonian version of a normal Narodno Oro.  It was not until much later that I heard the piece of music from the Benny Goodman Orchestra called “And the Angels Sing”.  Right in the middle of the song, the trumpet and drums took off on a rampage.  And there it was, my Narodno Oro.

One of the greatest recordings of the Big Band era, “And the Angels Sing”, was recorded by Benny Goodman and his Orchestra on February 1, 1939. The song, originally titled “Der Shtiler Bulgar”, (a Yiddish klezmer tune) was adapted by trumpeter Ziggy Elman, who recorded it under the name, Frahlich in Swing, in 1938. Lyrics were later added by Johnny Mercer and it was retitled “And the Angels Sing.” With vocals by Martha Tilton and trumpet solo by Ziggy Elman, it became a number one hit for the year 1939.  Gene Krupa on drums. (information from You Tube).

Below are the original 1939 version by the Goodman Orchestra, and the middle portion augmented by me entitled “And the Angels Sing Narodno”.

Please enjoy them and dance to the augmented version.
Goodman Orchestra

Original Version